At the Core of Every Online Enterprise There Lies a DOMAIN NAME

Are you interested in learning about Domain Name Investing?

If the answer to that question is yes, I invite you to join me every Monday night @ 6 PM PST on Clubhouse where I have started a domain name discussion club, aptly called “Domain Names”.

Each week I will be using the app to discuss a different subject related to the business of investing in domain names. Industry experts will be on hand to lead the discussion and answer your questions. This is a unique opportunity for you to connect with and learn from real industry veterans; domain name professionals with proven track records and histories of success in the business.

Everyone is welcome! No previous domain name investing experience is required. There is no cost to attend or to participate. You can ask  questions if you want to, but you are also free to just sit back and listen in. You will not be required to sign up for, or be asked to purchase anything. The only cost of your involvement is an investment of your time and knowing just how precious and valuable that really is, my goal is to make it worth your while. I hope to see you on Monday!

I’m just a guy who happened to stumble across domain names in the late 90’s and was immediately captivated by them. At the time I had a sneaking suspicion that domain names might alter the business landscape so I staked my claim on the Internet by going out and registering a few domain names. And then a few more, and then a few more…

I’m not making any claim to fame. What I can claim however,  is 25 years of experience in operating at the highest levels of the domain space. I know and am known by most everyone who is anyone in this business and I am highly regarded throughout the industry for my honesty, integrity, professionalism and my unwavering commitment to excellence.

You’ve come to the right place. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse and Linked in and I will introduce you to a network of people who really move the needle in the domain business. I plan to use the contacts I have made over the course of my career to continue to draw attention to and to educate the masses about the inherent power and utility of Domain Names.

I started out in the domain business with an idea and a dream but I did not have a peer group. For the first part of my journey I walked alone! When I connected with a peer group it not only confirmed for me the fact that I was not alone, but it also accelerated my learning and in turn my success. I don’t think anyone should ever have to walk alone and so I am making myself available to walk with you. This is my way of giving something back to an industry that has been more than kind to me. 

My “Domain Names” club gets together every Monday night on the Clubhouse app starting at 6 PM PST and runs until every last question has been answered. Please join us next Monday!

Stay engaged!

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